I adore shooting weddings and sharing a part of an amazing day, and having a professional photographer means you'll have proof of your hard work (because face it, weddings are work!) and of all the fun everyone has celebrating with you. My photography isn't just about making you look good and feel good in front of my camera, but also about capturing all the little moments that happen between you and your guests as your day goes on around you.

I specialize in the fun, the lighthearted, the geeky and the joyful. I can absolutely work the traditional angle to keep the parents happy, but I'm more likely to suggest the bride and groom (or bride and bride, or groom and groom) strike a pose from Charlie's Angels than something from Portraits 101.

Shy in front of a camera? That's all right too. I work with new models constantly and it's my job to help you look and feel good and keep you comfortable in front of the camera. As one of my brides once commented "My husband! He's actually smiling!"

If you're curious about my work, you can see a gallery of wedding highlights here.



Pricing depends on a lot of factors: Am I travelling? How long will I be shooting? Will I be handling your printing? I like to work with you to create a package that works with your budget and what you actually want out of your photographer, trimming off the extras you might not want.

The best thing to do is contact me, and we can talk about your day and what you're looking for.

As a point of reference, most of my wedding packages range from $1000 to $2200.


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